Balance 10 self care tips for the blog

Ten Tips To Help Create Balance In Your Life

Juggling a family, career and a social life is a balancing act.  There is nothing I love more than being a mum.  I also love having a rewarding career and having a social life. However, life can be challenging it is easy to stop taking care of yourself.  You have other people you are responsible… 

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Simple Pumpkin Soup

Simple Pumpkin Soup

How much do I love pumpkin soup?  ALOT.  Mum used to cook  pumpkin soup when we were younger, so I find soup such a comfort food.  Especially in winter.  I love it now because I can make this nourishing soup in a heart beat, serve it with some sourdough and it’s a crowd pleaser.  I’ve… 

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Quinoa Spaghetti with fresh herbs and avocado

Quinoa spaghetti with fresh herbs and avocado

For the busy peeps who need to make dinner preparation snappy.   This is a recipe that you will want to file away.  It’s not only nutritious but it hits the sweet spot when it comes to flavor.  I first made this dish for a family gatho.  I thought for sure it would be too… 

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spiced ginger muffins

Ginger spiced banana cupcakes with maple lime icing

Gluten Free I took these to a mothers day lunch yesterday with the expectation that none of the kids would eat them because they are not super sweet like a traditional cupcake. Not only did they like them but my daughter went and put two aside to ensure she had some to take to work… 

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Happy Mothers day canva

Happy Mothers Day Giveaway -Australian residents only

Win this gorgeous mother’s day cookbook bundle worth over $100!   Are you a mum that is obsessed by cookbooks? Me too … Especially healthy and wholefood cookbooks.  Do you know a mum that would really really love to add these books to her kitchen collection?   I thought it was high time I started to… 

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Raw Coconut Rough

Delicious and easy. These little coconut rough balls are big enough to fulfil any sugar craving and small enough to be the perfect bite size snack. I often spend 10-12 hours on my computer at a time doing research and writing assignments. These are a favourite “go to” because they give me the boost I… 

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Guest Post - Cindra Banks

Learning to Let Go by Cindra Banks

  Learning To Let Go By Cindra Banks You’re driving to work. There is so much traffic. The person in front of you does NOT know how to drive. You’re running late for work. You forgot your lunch. The kids in the back of the car are driving you crazy.  Familiar? And if so, how… 

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Chai - Tee

Tumeric and Ginger Spiced Chai Tea

Give your immune system a boost this coming winter with a simmering warm tea.  I love traditional Indian chai tea with all of its yummy spices and flavors.  Tumeric and ginger  spiced chai tea is soothing on the digestive system and provides a sense of comfort and well-being.    Ginger and Tumeric are a match… 

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Make Peace with Toddler Meal Times

The whole objective of eating is to acquire nutrients for optimal growth and development.  While balancing nutrients and energy intake is of primary importance, the development and acquisition of new motor, social and verbal skills is as equally important when it comes to introducing foods to your toddler.  Have you ever thought about your child’s… 

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simone - yogamona

Top 10 Reasons to Practice Yoga

Do you practice Yoga? Yoga is popular among all age groups, you can go at your own pace and all movements can be modified to suit your fitness level.  Proven health benefits of yoga include reduced blood pressure, increased lean muscle mass, increased flexibility and a clearer more focused mind. I watch my friends who… 

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Meat stew with vegetables and herbs on old wooden table

A Nice Lamb Stew – perfect for a cold night

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Was it the kids the dogs or the chicken?

Fresh Beetroot & Hazelnut Salad with Orange Dressing

In hindsight it wasn’t the best decision to set this photo shoot up outside.  My house is like a zoo, there are wild peacocks, wild kangaroos, chickens, dogs and kids everywhere.  So i get set up for the photo and I ask the kids to come and keep the wildlife away from where I am… 

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